Mary Baker

Title: Tour Director
Phone: 320-235-5875 ext. 218
Year of Employment: October 2017


My husband Dave and I have been together since we were in high school. We got into the hospitality business when we moved our family to Willmar in 1994. Dave currently has the honor and privilege of working for the MN House of Representatives. Our oldest son Dan died when he was 25 years old of an accidental overdose due to his painkiller addiction.  Our daughter Olivia lives in San Francisco and works in the advertising industry.  She will be getting married to Mark in the summer of 2018.  Our youngest son Al lives in St. Paul and works as an Entrepreneur in Residence specializing in healthcare based technology.

What is a favorite holiday tradition or memory for you?

My favorite holiday tradition is at Christmas time. Dave’s siblings and children gather somewhere north for a weekend full of winter fun activities.  We will go sliding, skating, sledding, ice fishing and much more.

If you could spend a day with a famous person (dead or alive), who would it be?

If I could, I would spend a day with my Father. He passed when I was 5 years old.  I would want to go back to walk through his childhood hometown and home and listen as he would tell me his story.  I would want to know how he asked my mother to marry and about their love story. What was his time like in WWII and what he would think about how the world has evolved since his passing.

Favorite Movie:

Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

List one thing from your bucket list (something you want to do, see, accomplish in your life):

Before my death I hope to have seen my children marry, have children of their own who all know and love the Lord


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