Travel Protection

Ease your mind with the complete package of R & J Tour Cancellation Protection and OnTour Insurance. We hope that your trip will be even more than you’ve dreamed!

Part A  –  The Cancel For Any Reason Waiver of this Part A is provided by R&J Tours.


The maximum amount covered under this Cancel For Any Reason Waiver is Your Trip Cost.



When payment is received to purchase this Cancel For Any Reason Waiver (part of R&J Tours’ Travel Protection Plan,) which must be within 14 days of your Trip deposit, it allows you to cancel Your Trip with R&J Tours for any reason prior to departure. You will be guaranteed a full refund of all payments, excluding the travel protection premium.

How You will be reimbursed: Your reimbursement will be by check, for an amount equal to 100% of the unused non-refundable cash, check, or credit card amounts You paid for Your Trip.


Please Note: This Waiver does not cover fees or costs associated with any transportation, accommodations, or other travel services that are not arranged by Us. The Trip Cancellation Waiver does not cover any single supplement charges which would occur when an individual’s traveling companion needs to cancel and the individual is unable to find another roommate.


Defined Terms: Certain terms are used in Part A of this Plan and whenever used in Part A, have the following meaning:

“Trip” means all of the transportation, accommodations, and other travel services arranged and booked by Us for which You have purchased this Plan.

“Trip Cost” means the amount You paid for Your Trip.

“We”, “Us” and “Our” refers to R&J Tours.

“You” and “Your” refers to the person who purchased this Plan.

This Part A, Cancel For Any Reason Waiver is provided by R&J Tours and is not an insurance benefit underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

Part B – Travel Insurance Benefits – while on Tour:

R & J’s Travel Protection Plan, provided by Trip Mate:
If you are like a lot of people these days, you don’t just look forward to your vacations, you need them. A vacation is your opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. Or to catch up with friends and family. Unfortunately, many things happen that might cause you to cancel your travel plans or cut them short: Illness, injury, or the death of a family member. The worst part is, without adequate protection, you can lose your travel investment. The R & J Tours Travel Protection Plan protects your travel investment if your Trip is canceled or interrupted for a covered reason for you, a Family Member, a Traveling Companion, a Business Partner, or due to a Terrorist Incident.
If you must interrupt your Trip or return home early for a covered reason, the plan will pay (up to the original cost of your Trip) for your unused land or water Travel Arrangements, less any refund paid or payable, plus the Additional Transportation Cost to return home or rejoin your Trip.

Tour Cost Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption Trip Cost
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $10,000
Missed Connection $500
Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance $50,000
Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Included in the $50,000
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Included in the $50,000
Travel Delay (up to $200 per day) $2,000
Baggage & Personal Articles $1,000
Baggage Delay $100
Trip Interruption – Up to Trip Cost:
If you must interrupt your Trip after departure due to a covered Injury, Sickness, or death – your own or that of a Traveling Companion or a Family Member or for Other Covered Reasons, as defined, you will be reimbursed for the unused, non-refundable land or water arrangements and the additional transportation charges paid to return home or to rejoin your Trip.

Missed Connection – Up to $500:

Provides reimbursement for the additional transportation expense incurred and/or the unused, non-refundable land arrangements if Your arrival at Your Trip destination is delayed for 3 or more hours due to a covered reason

Travel Delay – Up to $200/day (maximum $2,000)
Provides reimbursement up to $200 per day (maximum $2,000) for reasonable accommodation, meal and local transportation expenses if you are delayed for 12 hours or more while en route to or from, or during the course of your Trip due to a covered reason such as common carrier delay; quarantine; loss of passport, travel documents or money; a natural disaster; or a documented weather condition/event.
Medical Expense/Emergency Assistance – Up to $50,000
Provides reimbursement for reasonable and customary medical expenses incurred during your Trip and for emergency dental treatment received during your Trip not to exceed $750; for the costs of emergency transport to the nearest Hospital or medical facility, including escort expense (both, if deemed necessary by the attending Legally Qualified Physician) for a covered Injury or Sickness which occurs while on your Trip; or the cost of homeward carriage if deceased. *The plan cost includes the plan premium and a fee for non-insurance assistance services. View plan details and important disclosures:
Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Up to $10,000
These benefits are paid if loss occurs within 181 days of a covered Injury which occurs while on your R & J Tour Trip.
Baggage and Personal Effect – Up to $1,000
Coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your Baggage, passports, or visas while on your Trip. A $600 maximum limit applies to jewelry, watches, cameras and camera equipment, and furs – a $300 per article limit applies to all other items.
Baggage Delay – Up to $100
If, while on your Trip, your Baggage is delayed for 24 hours or more, the plan will pay up to $100 for the purchase of necessary additional clothing and personal articles.

The Plan includes a Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion which: means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60 day period immediately prior to the date Your coverage is effective for which You or Your Traveling Companion, Business Partner or Family Member scheduled or booked to travel with You: (1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; or (2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.   Item #2 of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before coverage is effective under this Plan.

If payment for the Plan is received by R&J Tours within 14 days of the initial Payment or Deposit for Your Trip, and you are not disabled from travel at the time Your Plan payment is made, then the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is waived.

Information you need to know:

Benefits noted above are described on a general basis only. There are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all coverages and services. This description does not constitute or form any part of the Plan Description or any other contract of any kind. Plan benefits, limits and provisions may vary by state jurisdiction. To review full plan details online, go to:

If you choose to purchase the Plan, you will receive a link to the Plan Documents which describe the services, benefits and limitations in detail. You may cancel this plan by giving R & J Tours written notice within the first to occur of the following: (a) 10 days from the Effective Date of Your insurance; or (b) Your Scheduled Departure Date. If You do this, We will refund Your plan payment paid provided no one has filed a claim under the plan.

The Part B Travel Insurance Benefits are underwritten by: United States Fire Insurance Company. Non-insurance related services are provided by: 24-Hour Assistance Services and Global XPI are services and are not underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company. *The plan cost includes the plan premium and a fee for non-insurance assistance services. View plan details and important disclosures:

24-Hour Assistance Service is provided by: Generali Global Assistance

Insurance Benefits are administered by: Trip Mate, Inc. (in CA & UT, dba Trip Mate Insurance Agency)., P.O. Box 527, Hazelwood, MO 63042, 1-833-297-2255.

For residents of New York only: The Trip Cancellation Waiver, provided by R&J Tours, may be purchased separately without purchase of the Travel Protection Plan.

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