How to get started…
1) Call R&J Tours toll-free (1-800-758-6877) to have us mail you an invitation card.  We will then need you to fill that card out and send it in to R&J Tours.  This allows R&J Tours to get you set up in the computer for future record keeping.

2) Tell friends and family about your experiences with R&J Tours and have them mention your name when they call to sign up for a tour.  When they complete their travel with R&J Tours you get the credit. Please note: It is very important that the newly referred travelers inform R&J that they have been referred by another Golden Ambassador (and give your name).

3) We will keep track of your credits.  When you reach 4,7, or 10 credits, you will be given the opportunity to redeem your gift or you are welcome to continue on to the next level.

Helpful Examples:
Let’s say Jane wants to join the Golden Ambassador Club.  She must get 4, 7 or 10 new people to travel with R&J Tours to redeem the gift of her choice at that level.  (Those new travelers must let R&J Tours know Jane referred them).

Now let’s say Jane is married to John and they both want to earn gifts.  They would each need to get the 4,7, or 10 new people to travel with R&J to each redeem a gift of their choice at that level.  If only one spouse completes the requirements, and chooses the trip reward, the other spouse is welcome to join the reward tour at a cost determined by R&J Tours.

A Golden Ambassador cannot apply themself or their spouse as one of the referrals required to fulfill the new traveler requirements.

Previous travelers that did not give a Golden Ambassador’s name at the time of reservation are not eligible for credit, as a referral, to the Golden Ambassador’s account.  R&J Tours is not held responsible for referrals not given by a 3rd party traveler at their time of reservation.  New referred travelers can be already on the R&J mailing (but must be a non-traveler to count as a ‘new traveler’ referral).

Any tour two days or less is excluded from this offer.

Once you have become a Golden Ambassador member, and met the requirements for one of the three levels, you will be notified of your eligibilty to redeem one of the rewards at that level.  If you choose the trip reward, the free tour booking is on a first come first serve basis and some tours may be full at time of booking.  Friends and family are welcome to join the tour with you at any time if available.

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