January 15- 27 , 2009 • 13 Days

Day 1 – Home to Cairo
Depart US by your overnight flight to Egypt.

Day 2 – Cairo
Welcome to Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs! On arrival at Cairo International Airport, you are greeted by your local expert guide. Check-in and take sometime to freshen up and relax.  Tonight a welcome dinner on board the Oberoi Nile Pharaoh floating restaurant will introduce you to Egyptian cuisine.
Included Meals: Dinner
Hotel: Mena House Oberoi hotel

Day 3 – Cairo
This morning you will be introduced to the masterpieces of ancient art in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, including the Mummies Room. After lunch, visit Old Cairo where you will see the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the St. Serguis Church and a Coptic Christian Church. A short drive will bring you to the citadel of Salah El Din built by the famous Arab Sultan, Salah El Din (Saladin), in the 12th century and the Mohammed Ali Mosque situated inside the citadel known for its alabaster wall. The day ends with a visit to the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, known for its narrow alleys and hundreds of shops selling all types of Egyptian handicrafts, silver and gold jewelry, cottons, copperware, and perfumes.
Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 – Cairo to Luxor
Early this morning we fly to Luxor. Explore the East Bank of the Nile including the Temple of Luxor. Here, the Avenue of Sphinxes, famous for its artistic degree of uniformity, leads to the entrance of the temple where a seated colossus of Ramses II and a towering Obelisk sit. Continue to the Karnak Temple, one of the most impressive monuments of ancient art and architecture in the world. The carvings, which adorn all of the walls, depict the history and conquests of many of Egypt’s Pharaohs. This evening you may want to return to the Karnak Temple to see the optional Sound and Light Show.
Included Meals: Breakfast
Hotel: Sonesta St. George Hotel

Day 5 – Abydos
Today you will drive through lush farmland to Abydos one of the oldest necropolises in Egypt.  From the time of the 1st and 2nd Dynasties, Abydos played an important role as the burial place of Kings and high court officials. You will see the relief carving of the god Nun lifting up the Solar Barque of the god Khepry, also known as the “rising sun”.  The ancient Egyptians believed that Nun was the first waters from which creation began. Continue to Denderah once the capital of Upper Egypt and sacred to the goddess of love & beauty Hathor.  The Temple of Denderah is one of the best preserved and most impressive of Egypt’s Temples. The color relief’s and painted scenes of Cleopatra and her son Caesarian are beautiful.  It took 185 years to construct and was never completed.  Return to Luxor and embark on your Nile Cruise Ship!
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Hotel: Sonesta St. George Nile Cruise Ship

Day 6 – Luxor to Edfu
This morning explore the Valley of the Kings, housing 62 tombs belonging to the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom. An inside visit is included into the famous tomb of King Tutankhamen, found intact and excavated in 1922. Many of the tombs, carved out of the bedrock, still retain their original bright colors and fine relief’s and scenes, thought to guarantee the safe passage of the Ka to the after life.  Next, it’s on to Deir El Bahri to visit the mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, considered being one of the finest buildings in Egypt. Hatshepsut ruled Egypt as King for 20 years. Enjoy lunch on board ship as you sail to Edfu, passing through the Esna Lock.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 – Edfu/Kom Ombo/Aswan
Exploring the magnificently preserved sandstone temple of Edfu.  In the colonnaded court, we will see the surviving statue of a pair of falcons representing Horus. A series of smaller chambers leads to the Sanctuary of the God, which is lit by three openings in the ceiling. Ceremonies, celebrations, and war scenes are shown on the walls of the temple. Sail to Kom Ombo where you will visit the temple, which is divided, into two symmetrical halves.  Reliefs of Ptolemaic Pharaohs are found in the porch area. The remainder of the temple consists of a crypt, chapels, Roman wells where sacred crocodiles may have been kept, as well as the remains of a birth house. On the walls of the temple, you will see the first recorded representation of medical instruments. Sail onto Aswan.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8 – Aswan
Today you will visit the highlights of Aswan including Aswan’s High Dam, Granite Quarries, and Unfinished Obelisk. Then continue by felucca to visit Kitcheners Island with its beautiful gardens and to view the mausoleum of the Agha Khan. Sail in a small boat to the Philae Temple, situated on the island of Agilika. Like Abu Simbel, the temple was relocated in order to protect it from the rising water of the High Dam, built in 1960. The main sanctuary on the island is dedicated to the Goddess Isis and her son Horus. Ancient Egyptians believed that Isis was the Goddess of Magic, and when she wept, the Nile flooded.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9 – Aswan/Cairo/Alexandria
This morning you will disembark the ship and return to Cairo, or you can join an optional tour to Abu Simbel and the great Temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. The colossal statues were originally carved into the side of a natural cliff that had to be rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. Return to Cairo and drive along the Pyramids Road to Alexandria.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch     
Hotel: Sheraton Hotel

Day 10 – Alexandria
Visit the Greco-Roman Amphitheater and Museum, the newly opened Library of Cleopatra, the Ptolemaic Tombs, Pompeii’s Pillar, the Catacombs, Qait Bay, the site of the Light House, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the Montazah Palace.
Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 11 – Alexandria/Wadi Natrun/Cairo
Today you will leave Alexandria for Cairo.  Visit the monasteries at the historic Wadi Natrun.  Of the four monasteries surviving today the two most famous are Deir Anba Bashoi (Monastery of Father Bashoi), and Deir al-Suriyani (Monastery of the Syrian).  Tonight check into our hotel in Cairo.
Included Meals: Breakfast     
Hotel: Marriott Palace Hotel

Day 12 – Cairo
This morning you enjoy an interesting lecture by a member of the Egyptian Antiquities Department where you will hear about the new discoveries of Egypt.  Your exploration of ancient Egypt begins as you visit the Giza Plateau where three Pyramids stand, the greatest being that of Cheops. It took 100,000 workers more than 20 years to construct.  Southeast of the Great Pyramids is the Sphinx, carved out of solid natural rock in about 2650 BC, a magnificent monument with the head of the Pharaoh and the body of a lion. Enjoy lunch at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel. Continue our journey to the first Pyramid ever built, the Step Pyramid of Zoser, in the Sakkara Complex.  Spread over seven kilometers of desert, Sakkara is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Before returning to the hotel a stop will be made to see the remains in Memphis, the first capital of united upper and Lower Egypt. This evening, attend a farewell dinner at your hotel.
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13 – Cairo to Home
Your “Treasures of Egypt” ends this morning as you drive to the Cairo Airport for your flight home.  Arrive home with your hearts and minds filled with many happy memories of ancient and modern Egypt.  Those whose choose the optional Jordan extension will travel today to Jordon.
Included Meals: Breakfast

Extend to Jordan
This great little Jordan getaway is a nice compliment to your trip to Egypt.  You will have a full day to explore Petra, one of the greatest sights of antiquity.  Tour the great Greco-Roman city of Jerash and Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where Jesus is said to have been baptized.  A highlight of your Jordan journey will be the time spent at the Dead Sea.  Your extentsion will end with a fly back to Cairo and an overnight before continuing back to home.

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Tour Highlights

Full day sightseeing: Pyramids/Sphinx (including entrance into 1 pyramid) – Memphis/Sakkara

Full day sightseeing: Egyptian Museum (including entrance into the Mummies Room)/Coptic Cairo/Citadel/Mosque and Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Full day sightseeing: Alexandria
Visit to the Monasteries of Wadi Natrun

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