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We know this poem isn’t Shakespeare,

It may even bring a tear.

But we think it is something you need to hear.


In the heat of the summer,

Life can be a real bummer.


No need to make a big fuss,

Just go with us on the bus.


We’ll have an expert guide,

Just hope she doesn’t run and hide.


Your evenings rest is at a great place,

So full of comfort, beauty and grace.


Get up early, see the sun rise,

It will be awesome, pleasing your eyes.


We will travel a famous trail,

Motoring along just like a snail.


We will ascend up really high,

Almost make it to the sky.


But you won’t have to climb a big hill,

You can just sit around and chill.


You will view great scenes of beauty,

You will think you’re a real cutie.


You surely will view a pretty lake,

A stunning picture you may wish to take.


We could even see an irate trout,

Only if you promise not to pout.


We may even ride a boat,

One that can even float!


We’ve selected awesome places for eating,

Even arranged for your reserved seating.


So…no need to tease us,

Do what will please us…

Send your money for Summer Breezes!

Motorcoach Per Person Pricing Information

Double: $1,199
Single: $1,499
Triple: $1,119
Quad: $1,059

Motorcoach Travel Protection Per Person

Double: $85
Single: $85

Travel Bucks

$25 Travel Bucks per person earned with this tour

Deposit Due

$100 deposit per person due at time of reservation. Full payment due 30 days prior to depart.

Passport Needed


Tour Pace

Moderate Walking at your own pace

Price Includes

7 Meals, Hotels & Activities as stated, Luxury Motorcoach

Motorcoach Departure Date:
Motorcoach Return Date:

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Tour Highlights

All R&J Mystery Tours are planned to include great activities and events for you to enjoy!

Dedicated to presenting the greatness of God through the beauty of His Creation.