Carter Shuldes

Title: Reservationist/Customer Service
Phone: 320-235-5875 ext. 224
Year of Employment: 2023


I am the oldest son in a family of 5, born and raised in Willmar! My parents, Carl and Lynn, have been living and working in Willmar for the last 30 years. My sister, Ellie, is working as a Medical Lab Technician in the Twin Cities. My brother, Garrett, is working as a collegiate swim coach in Massachusetts!


I am fascinated by discovering what makes us ‘tick’ as individuals. To know, and to be known, is one of the deepest longings that we have as humans, and life is too short to deprive ourselves of that unmatched joy. So one of my absolute favorite things to do is just sit and talk with someone. We talk about our victories and struggles, our gifts and shortcomings, our passions and our interests.


In addition, I am also passionate about being outdoors! When the weather is warm, you will likely find me laying in a hammock on a nearby lakeshore. I also love cooking and baking. From learning to bake Grandma Eve’s caramel rolls, to pan-frying the walleye I pull from the ice, I am slowly learning to do it all!

My ideal meal would consist of the following:

Appetizer: Texas Roadhouse bread rolls w/ honey butter

Entrée: Pan-Fried Walleye w/ wild rice medley

Dessert: Cheesecake

Favorite Book:

Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan

Favorite Movie:

Lord of the Rings, Return of the King

List one thing from your bucket list (something you want to do, see, accomplish in your life):

I would love to be able to watch the Northern Lights from a lake in the Boundary Waters.

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